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Haisenpet Extreme Cat Litter 5L (with Bottle Mouth)

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Haisenpet Extreme Cat Litter 5L (with Bottle Mouth)


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Haisenpet Extreme Cat Litter, It’s Really a Premium Bentonite Cat Litter. Bottle Mouth Packaging Gives Cat Owners Comfort & Ease. Bottle Mouth Packing Helps to Use the Litter for Long Time and Keeps the Fragrance Intact & Fresh for Longer Time. Its Super Clumping & Super Absorption Capacity Makes Haisenpet Cat Litter Better Than Any Other Cat Litter Available in Bangladesh. Haisenpet Cat Litter Has More Silica Beads than Other Litters, Thats Why Absorption Capacity is Better Than Other Litters Available In Bangladesh. Haisenpet Cat Litter is Made of High Quality Natural Bentonite, That’s Why Clumping Capacity is also Better Than Other Litters. Super Odor Control Formula Removes all Bad Odor & Release Strong Perfume to Keep Environment Fresh & Fragnant. Anti Bacterial Formula of Haisenpet Cat Litter Controls Bacteria in Your Litter Box and Keeps Your Kittys Fresh, Healthy & Free From Disease. Unlike Other Cat Litters, Haisenpet Cat Litter is Dust Free, Which Control Wastage, Helps Running Same Litter for Longer Time. As Haisenpet Cat Litter is Dust Free, it Doesn’t Stick to Your Cat’s Furs & Doesn’t Make Your Floor Dirty. Haisenpet Cat Litter Uses Less Amount of Litter Granules to Make Clumps, That’s why Haisenpet Cat Litter Lasts Longer Than Other Litters & Economical to Use. Haisenpet Cat Litter Clumps are Stronger Than Other Litter Clumps, That’s Why It Doesn’t Make Your Floor Dirty. Morever, Haisenpet Cat is 100% Natural & 100% Safe for Your Kittys!! ITS THE BEST LITTER IN BANGLADESH.
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