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Complete & Balanced Nutrition for Your Kittens. ■ Specially formulated for Kittens Aged Between 1 Month to 12 Months. ■ Made in Turkey, Maintains Pure European Quality Standard. ■ Made with Best Quality Ingredients Sourced from Nature. ■ Perfect Blend of Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Fat, Fatty Acids & Probiotics.
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Pelen Creamy Cat Treats 15G 1 Pis

Brand: Non-Brand

Category: Snacks

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Features & Compatibility

Product Summary & Specification

Features: -High Nutrients -Rich In Protein -Grain Free -No Added Salt -No Artificial Colour -No Artificial Flavours -No Added Preservatives -Easy To Digest -Easy To Swallow.
-Enhances Immunity -High In Moisture for Hydration -Rich In Flavour -Multiple Safety Check -Safety Inspection Product 1)PELEN -Salmon and Shrimp
-Tuna and Shrimp
-Tuna and Chicken
Feeding Reference:
-Below 3 months: 1 Stick / Day
1- 4kg Cat: 1 – 2 Sticks / Day
4- 8kg Cat: 2 – 3 Sticks / Day

Feeding Instruction: 1. Take the cat strips/treats and feed them directly after tearing them apart.
2. You may direct feed them with cat strips or mixed with their food.
3. For cats who first time eaten cat strips, not recommend
overfeeding them at one time to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.
4. Store cat strips in a ventilated and dry space.

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