Whiskas Adult Cat Food Tuna 3kg

Tuna flavour 3kg

Whiskas adult cat food tuna

Whiskas Adult Cat Food Tuna 3kg


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Whiskas Adult Cat Food Tuna 3kg
Whiskas® Adult Dry Food with Tuna is made with a specific active ingredient and a specially designed kibble. It’s complete anf balanced diet for your healthy cat. It provides a gentle abrasive effect to help clean your cat’s teeth and support healthy gums.
Cats are delicate beings and have a sensitive stomach. Whiskas is a premium cat food that offers natural ingredients that promote the growth and health of the cats. Whiskas Tuna is made with natural ingredients such as fresh Tuna that is ideal for stomach. Whiskas Tuna is healthy and balanced in nutrition so that your cat gets premium food for their health. Whiskas Food encourages digestion, helps manage weight, keeps the fur and skin soft and glossy.FEATURES Suitable for cats of all ages Encourages healthy digestion.
www.aquisanbd.com best online cat food supplier in Bangladesh.WHISKAS cat food is complete and balanced, specially designed to fulfil your cat’s needs at every life stage. At the age of 12 months, your kitten turns adult, and requires a different nutritional needs. This change in nutritional needs will change again when they turn 7.

Cats aged 1-6 need lots of playtime and a balanced diet to help them stay lean and healthy. Cats are carnivores while humans omnivores, so cats need two times more protein than us. They also need 41 essential nutrients for optimum health. WHISKAS understands the nutritional needs of cats, and every product is specially designed to be complete and balanced.
-Formulated with omega 3 & 6 fats and zinc for a healthy and shiny coat.
-Complete with vitamin A and taurine for healthy eyesight.
-Filled with proteins from real fish, including fats, vitamins and minerals, so your cat stays active and happy.

Both WHISKAS dry and wet food are complete and balanced for your cat’s nutritional needs. However for optimal goodness, we encourage you provide both dry and wet food to your cat. Wet food contains water to ensure healthy urinary tracts, and has fewer calories. The unique kibble shape of WHISKAS dry food helps to clean teeth and gums, ensuring your cat’s oral health. Your cat will surely adore the variety in texture and flavours that you provide to her.
www.aquisanbd.com best online cat food supplier in Bangladesh

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